Looking For A Way To Grow Your Business?

Want one on one time with your clients!? This is your chance! The clients come to you! Get to know them and personally answer questions for them, form a personal relationship and give them the face time every client wants! Form the trusting bond easily by joining us at our Home and Design Show. With our World Class show you can meet thousands of qualified buyers and build a strong first impression. A genuine rapport with potential clients gives you a higher chance of closing the deal, there’s nothing like it!

How is the Home & Design Show Promoted?

No other show has the potential for qualified clientele like the Home and Design Show! With our combination of advertising dollars invested into everything from traditional radio and TV adervtising to internet and much more, you can expect to find the right audience to help you take business to new heights. Get started with the Home and Design show by having a booth at our next event! Make sure to join our Direct Mail Vendor Program!

  • Billboards – on I-95 North and South
  • Direct Mail
  • Online – Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Print – Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel, niche magazines
  • Radio
  • Television 
  • And other Local Marketing Resources!
How Do I Sign Up?

It’s Simple! Call us, send us a message or Click Here to complete the form

Forms and Information

Visit the forms page for all forms and information needed to exhibit with us!

Featured Exhibitors

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Leads, Leads & More Leads!

The goal of attending the Home and Design Show as a vendor is to get leads to help grow your business all year long! This can be done in a various amount of ways, but we most commonly see vendors that have clients sign up for mailing lists and offer deals exclusive to the show! We also offer in house opportunities to enhance at show marketing efforts for more potential business!

With our hands on an in-depth marketing strategy we make sure to reach all possible, qualified clientele! With print, TV, radio, billboards, internet and digital medias our structured advertising program is expected to make sure we reach all the potential clients. We’ve got it covered!

Vendors also have the potential to network with other vendors! We are the most qualified show in Palm Beach County with a proven track record of 21 years and still growing! We have lower exhibit costs and fees and make it a point to keep the process simple with easy access to move your business in and out of the show without a hassle. Set up, network and grow your business with more attention on the top line of your business during the home and design show!

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